What's Your Design Style?

Intro to different decorating styles
What's Your Design Style?

Wainwright living room and kitchen makeover!

Kitchen and living area get new designs from our new book, Drapery Design Inspiration!
Wainwright living room and kitchen makeover!

Yang Residence before and after slide show

Whole house makeover
Yang Residence before and after slide show

Elegant Designs for an Exquisite Home

Gorgeous kitchen and baths dressed beautifully! Cornices and motorized shades for the kitchen and box pleated panels and drapery for the bathrooms get extra flare with fine details!
Elegant Designs for an Exquisite Home

Why buy custom drapery?

This short video shows the benefits to purchasing custom window coverings.
Why buy custom drapery?

Custom Made Panels -vs- Ready Made Panels...What's the difference?

Customers often say, why should I purchase custom when I can but panels in the stores for cheaper?

It has been my experience, as a professional drapery installer, that custom made products are far superior to anything you can find in a local store.  The most important fact about custom made products is that you can get exactly what you want to achieve the look you are going for.  If you are contemporary or traditional or somewhere in between, you can not easily find drapery to fit every style.  Also, especially in Texas, the window sizes are not standard, so ready made panels come in 3 sizes...84", 96" and 108" if you are lucky .
Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the 20 ft ceilings and the large widths of windows.  With custom drapery, your designer can order the exact fit to cover your window.  With ready made panels, you have to purchase enough panels to cover the window.  Who wants to buy 6 widths of panels to cover a 108" wide window and then have to pull each panel separately to open and close. I also notice that folks never purchase enough panels to properly fit the window.  The other difficulty with ready made panels is that they do not have good linings on them, if they even have any linings! In this picture you can see the window panes through the panels.  This see through panel is not protected and will fade very quickly.  You should get 12 to 20 years out of custom made drapery!                                                                   Royal Velvet® Hilton Rod-Pocket Curtain Panel

 With the sun here in Texas, ready made panels fade very quickly or discolor. They sometimes even dry rot which looks like shredded fabric...or like someone shot a BB gun into the fabric! Here is a great example of fabric that has dry rot.                                                                                          

 A good custom made drapery panel has all the widths sewn together with the proper linings installed to the back side.  Standard lining will protect most fabrics from quickly fading, while a thermal lining will protect the room from too much heat or cold air.  Blackout lining will darken the room for good sleeping and will also have insulation properties. One other issue I come across often is that when more than 1 panel is needed in the room, often times each panel is a different length even though the packages are identical.  I have actually had a customer purchase 12 packages of the same panels at 96" long and the panels actually ranged from 94" to 112".  I had to rip out all the hems and re-sew them to identical lengths.  Ready made panels usually have a rod pocket top and the hems tend to bow like a frowny face!  Rod pocket top panels are very difficult to open and close on a pole.  When they are opened, they tend to travel back towards the closed position.  Also, there is no stiffener in the top of ready made panels which makes in impossible to use drapery hooks to hook onto rings. So the only option is to use ring clips and then you get the sloppy look at the top between the rings.  I find that many clients HATE the ring clips!                      

Custom drapery is affordable!  If you think about how long you can keep your drapery and divide the total cost per year, custom drapery is affordable! Yes custom window coverings cost more, but they are an investment that will give you a great return on your money!  With ready made panels, you need more of them to get  close to the look of custom made drapery.  You also should expect  to replace store bought panels much sooner than you will with custom made. You can  take great pride in your window coverings when you can achieve the perfect look for your home. The look that no one else has!  And your friends and family will feel very comfortable in your space when the design is balanced proportionally to the size of the window and to the size of the room.

Exciting Windows by Stacey Hudson can help make your decorating dreams come true!  We listen to what you want and what your needs are!  We work within your family's budget, never pushing our agenda but making sure your vision is realized!  We love what we do and we do it very well!  Our customers are always satisfied and we want to make you a happy customer too!  Call Stacey Hudson from Exciting Windows  today at 512-299-4052! We're waiting to get excited with you about the new look for your home!

Different drapery designs for your home! Part 2!

Let's face it, today's magazines are not really inspiring creativity in the window covering world!  Panels are panels and they look great hanging from rings on a rod.  But, maybe you want something different...something that reflects your personality!  Here are a few more ideas from my Drapery Design Inspiration e-book!
This first design is for arched windows or wide windows. Many times when you have a wide window,
you have a vast empty space between the panels.  I like the idea of adding a pelmet in the center to break up the look of a long empty rod.

This design is a takeoff of a balloon valance with multiple ties and varying angles.  You really need a thin flowing material to pull this look off. 

Here are two asymmetrical cornices.  This design is great when you don't have enough space next to the window because of the placement of an over sized piece of  furniture or a fireplace.  The diamond in the middle is an accent piece and the medallions act like jewelry to add visual interest and beauty to the cornice.

These cornices have rings attached at the bottom where the panels are attached.  This adds a bit of airiness to the overall look of the french doors.  This is a stationary, decorative design.

Another favorite of mine is this beautiful cornice with contrasting fabric and medallion accents.  The jabots on the sides and down the middle add balance and a framing affect which lends to a more sophisticated design.

This style is fabulous for long windows!  The top pieces have an opening for the rod and are flat.  Rings are attached to the top pieces while the pleated panels hook onto the rings.

This unique valance uses three complimentary fabrics and is layered.  The "ties" are attached to the top of the valance mounting board and have drapery rings on the ends to weight them down.

Exciting Windows by Stacey Hudson has many more original ideas to share with you if you desire something unique and different!   Give me a call today at 512-299-4052!

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design in window coverings means clean lines and simple design.  It doesn't have to be boring though! Check out this reading nook.
We picked a contemporary palette of gray, yellow and cream.  The roman shades and the cushion are clean lined and the circle pillows add a bit of whimsy and interest.

Here is another contemporary home with similar colors and a fabulous wide striped wall treatment.

This next picture is a contemporary kitchen with beautifully striped roman shades.

A fabulous way to add color and height to any tall room is with the use of color blocking.  YES you can have pattern but you can keep it simple by using just a touch of pattern and keeping the room calm with coordinating solid fabrics.

If you need assistance in bringing your contemporary home together and making it feel cozy and welcoming, give Exciting Windows by Stacey Hudson a call today!  512-299-4052.

Different Window Treatment Design Ideas

Window Treatments add so much of your personality to your home.  Are you wanting to show others that you are different...unique?  I like to be different too...I like unique, one of a kind items that show off my personality and individuality!  Exciting Windows by Stacey Hudson (Formerly Window Magic) offers you an ebook filled with unique window coverings!
This window treatment, above, shows how putting the valance under the panels allows for the panels to continue uninterrupted and adds height to your room.  When the valance is over the top of the panels, the height of the room looks lower. Notice that the we have omitted the drapery rings from the panels and attached them to the top of the rod using an overlapping layer-style, flat top to simplify the overall look. The valances are mounted behind the rod but at the same level as the rod.
This roman shade above is no ordinary roman shade!  We have added a pleated bottom with contrasting bell pleats.  Each pleat is accented with a jeweled button.  Roman shades are perfect for showing off any fabric with a beautiful pattern...this allows the fabric to become a piece of art!  Exciting Windows used this particular design for a formal dining room.  With the addition of  crystal buttons at the tops of each pleat we were able to compliment the bling of the clients' existing chandelier. 

Here, this roman shade, with a contrasting silk ruffle in cinnamon, is paired with a loosely gathered gauze
ruffle and a band of beautiful beaded trim.  The gauze allows the light to shine through the beads to make them sparkle but also serves to protect the beading from premature fading from the strong Texas sun. Notice how special attention was taken to ensure that the folds do not cover or interfere with the pretty ruffles.

This pretty drapery has heavily gathered silk banding at the top.  Still considered a flat top panel,this gathered banding adds elegance to a formal living area.  The beaded trim between the gold band and the patterned fabric sparkles in the evening light.

This fabulous treatment, below, beautifully accents your tallest windows!  The patterned fabric shown in the rendering could be a soft draping fabric or even a sheer overlay to the gray panels.  To give your eye a place to rest, the solid gray fabric is repeated centrally over the swags.  This window treatment could easily be board mounted omitting the need for any drapery hardware.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ideas Exciting Windows! by Stacey Hudson has in her portfolio! 
We have so many ideas just waiting for your windows, so if you want  unique window treatment ideas to capture your personality and to complete your space, so you feel at home in your space, Call us today at 512-299-4052 and visit our websites at either 

We offer our drapery design ebook, "Drapery Design Inspiration" by Window Magic on our Window Magic website for just $14.99...downloadable to your computer, ipad or kindle!

The New Normal for Window Coverings

Remember back when you had to stand up and walk to the TV to change the channels?  And then you had to twist the "knob thing" to set the antenna in motion?  Thank goodness for the remote!  Well, the time has arrived and most window coverings are now capable of being motorized!  You can even program you window coverings throughout the whole house to be controlled by your phone or ipad and they can be programmed to open and close when you are not home!  Who knew?

At Exciting Windows by Stacey Hudson, we provide motorized blinds, shades, shutters and drapery! Just like the calculator, after being out on the market for a while, the prices have started to come down for this fabulous upgrade!   We offer a brand of honeycomb shades and roller shades that, with the motor included, is less than the price of most other companies motors alone!  And the really neat thing...they always run at the same speed.  Many of you probably don't realize, but when a battery powered shade starts to wear out, it moves slowly, while the rest of the shades will run more quickly.  It is normal for most company's shades to always run at different speeds.